A neonatologist is a doctor who provides care for an unborn child who is critically ill or premature. They see to it that the baby is safe and no harm is done, whether in the womb or out. They provide antenatal care for the mother who has any case of a child with an abnormality. They are highly trained in what they do and they give the mother’s guidance throughout the pregnancy to delivery and discharge. They are available in almost all hospitals from private to governmental and they are available at all times. They are normally placed in the newborn intensive care unit (NICU) where everything takes place with the infants.
They deal with the most complex conditions like having two separate newborns that are joined together, those that have difficulty in breathing, heart diseases and basically any kind of condition that the infant may get. They help in the delivery of the newborns since they have been in contact with the mother and they know the condition that is at hand. In case of a surgery for either the mother or the baby, they are qualified to perform the procedure and see to it that they save both the life of the mother and child.
They work mostly in the nursery and see to it that everyone is well taken care of and there are no complications that arise. If an infant has a kind of an attack, they are always ready to treat them immediately without having to alarm the mother. In case of an abnormality that was detected early in the mother’s womb, they see to it that it is rectified immediately and the baby is born normal. Theneonatologist also offer guidance and counseling to parents who have to deal with infants who have abnormal conditions.
Do Most Cities Have Neonatologists?
Most cities have neonatologists and you will find the newborn intensive care unit in most hospitals. Newborns are brought from the delivery room direct to the (NICU) if they have any kind of complication. They treat the baby and place them in nurseries for further observation until they are sure the baby is ready to go home. It is very important for every city to have them as they help in saving lives of the newborns. They should be in bigger hospitals as you never know when you could need one.
Most cities have them and they are not only in one hospital but many within the same city. They come in handy when dealing with complications and abnormalities of many infants. The neonatologists follow up on the infants and most of them even do check-ups after the discharge of the mother. They are keen to offer assistance and advice where needed and all you have to do is book an appointment with them. You only need to look up in the directory for the city you are in and you will find their exact location and even telephone or email address. This will make it easier for you to contact them.
Do Most Cities Have Neonatologists