Fake Doctor Excuses On The Rise
Picture this: You are the manager of a particular company and all calls must pass through you, especially in matters to do with the well- being of the company. It is a Monday Morning and your phone buzzes only to pick and hear Patrice “anonymous” speak in some low and thought of frail voice. You wonder what the problem is only to be told there is some emergency that came up and Patrice has to rush to the hospital. Did you just fall for some ploy? Well, probably you just did.
This is just a sample of the scenarios that happen, still happening, and more that are set to happen. Fake doctor excuses are on the high rise, an issue that cannot just be discarded and done away with. The major advantage or disadvantage is that it can appear very wrong and inhuman for a director of a particular company to appear doubtful towards a particular employee. This on its own contributes greatly to untrustworthiness. The truth behind those using a physician’s form is that they are trying to support those people who want to abuse their laziness and earn a profit.
Why Doctor’s Professionalism Is To Be Questioned
Doctors are professionals whose work is to make people’s lives better. But it reaches a point where one wonders where general conduct disappeared to.  Today, fake doctor excuses are all around; where turning left right front and back is all you see. Then a question is posed. Where do these fake doctor excuses come from? Well, we cannot fully blame the doctors for this careless act, although a good number is a liable part of it all.
When a patient is legally ill, the doctor has the right to assign a sick off of the particular number of days necessary for the illness. But now when they sit with a pretentious patient and scribbles down letters, inserting jargon it is completely unprofessional!
However, we cannot ignore the rising fraudulent acts happening all over the internet. This is where one gets the language to use while looking for a fake sick off, and it is still the same place you get the fake dr. excuses. As you can already see, this is a thriving non- profit business happening all around the world. However, some fake doctor’s clubs are also on the rise, where for instance an employee can make a call that is actually received by the club’s admin who answers all necessary questions. These ones get their pay by the end of the day, and the employee can get as many days off as the letter says of course with their directions. Well, the fake unscrupulous business people in this industry know too much jargon than a medicine professor would bite. They know just too well the kind of health issue that would be more believable, in line with the period of time you look forward to staying away from work.
However enticing this business appears, the dealers would very easily end up in jail. It only calls for the media to lay hands on this kind of information and investigative journalism kicks off. Long before the dealers know about it, news about the deal is all over the world’s number one channel.
Half The People Who Call In Sick Probably Use Fake Doctor Excuses