How To Ask For A Leave
Asking for a leave is one of the few courteous issues that a good number of people need to learn. Whether looking for courtesy classes or getting some really helpful coaching on this topic is very important if not a must do. If you need some time off from work that’s absolutely ok. But how, you go about it is what will determine if you get the leave or not. Notice that your boss is above you, and that means that he needs more respect than you could ever know.
Once in a while you will need some time off from work, and your boss expects this from you. Sometimes you will need just an annual leave to stay away from work and energize yourself, or you could need it to attend to some issues. Notice that how you approach your boss can make him grant you the leave or decline. It’s all about the approach.
How To Get It
First, you need to read moods and timings of your boss. To approach this issue only when there I s nothing you know of that could be bothering him/her. Also, be sure that the company is not on the low end of this time. The trick is to get him/her when they have a clear mind. Be sure to keep this all to yourself rest your request is declined. However, you can bear the humiliation and embarrassment that comes with it; then well and good.
  • Your last leave: Unless it is something urgent, quit asking for too many leaves every now and then. You do not want to give your boss the wrong impression of an employee to a charity. Every boss wants to feel that they are paying every employee who is worth their money. Don’t make him feel like he is throwing his/her money to the wind. For instance, if you get an annual leave to stop asking for another that year.


  • Great Memory: My friend, if you are giving false reasons for your life quite this if your memory is poor. You could feign the death of one person twice and it may not end up too well. You need to make your boss believe the reason for it and be sure to remember when he asks about it one month down the line.


  • Transparency: Before your boss got to that position they were junior employees like you. They can somehow tell when a leave reason is not genuine. The truer the reason, the better it is to speak about, and the more the confidence you gather.


  • Does your homework right: What is the company’s policy pertaining leaves? You could be asking for something that your company does not go by, or a love that the company does not pay employees for. If you have a manual, go through it or talk about it to older employees.


There you have it. There have been just so much we would look at, but it is upon you to do what you ought to do in order to get that leave with much ease. You might want to check out this site also, it’s, it offers another way that you can have your vacation if your boss doesn’t listen to your nice petition. Good luck.
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