School could prove to be very challenging and tiresome and most kids always find excuses at one time or another to skip school. It could be just to relax at home and watch some movies, or hang out with friends. Whatever the reason, kids will always find ways to skip school with or without their parent’s knowledge. It is very normal for kids to skip school and everyone at one point in their school life has done it. There could be serious consequences once you are discovered that you did not attend school or a punishment could follow. If it is a serious case, expulsion or suspension may be given depending on the kind of behavior a kid may have. It could also depend on the number of days that you have decided to skip school as exaggerating it could lead to serious trouble.
There are many ways to skip school and kids often use these excuses. A kid may be avoiding something like an exam and may pretend to be sick. He may tell the parents earlier before the day that he is not feeling well and on this day may wake up and complain that he is dizzy or can’t walk properly. It is always a good sign to rub your forehead just in case the parent decides to touch it. The friction will cause some warmth, making it easy for the parent to believe you and voila no school for you.
There is also that fear a kid may have, maybe if he is being bullied or belittled by his friends and he may decide to skip school. He can always fake a trip and tell his teacher that they are traveling with the parents. It can also result to lying at the extent of forging a fake dr. note at He may find a way to deceive the parents that there is no school and if he is lucky he might just get away with it. There is also the excuse that you have a doctor’s appointment on this day and you may come with a fake note and give it to your teacher.
More Ways For Kids To Skip School
There are many more ways to skip school and all the kids have to do is plan ahead. There is that old trick that has been going on for so long where a kid lies that one of the parents is sick and they have to stay home and take care of them. You can also pretend to be attending a family function like a burial or a wedding. There is also the risky method of going to school and signing in and then later sneaking out before classes begin. You have to be very careful with this one as once you are caught that could lead to an expulsion directly. You can always have a doctor friend who can write fake notes for you to hand your teacher and that means no school for you. Kids will always be one step ahead in finding ways to skip school as this has been going on for ages and most times they get away with it.
Kids Will Always Find Ways To Skip School